I RichWater Workshop “Solutions for the water crisis in the Axarquía”

I RichWater Workshop “Solutions for the water crisis in the Axarquía”

The past World Water Day took place the first workshop organized by the RichWater project under the motto "Searching solutions for the water crisis in the Axarquía"

Water Sustainability elementsDuring this event, coinciding with World Water Day, we wanted to highlight the opportunities that reclaimed water can offer to mitigate the problem of water scarcity, which is increasingly affecting to more regions, as the Axarquía, whose main economic activity depends to a large extent on this resource.

The main objective of the workshop was to find a common strategy to alleviate the effects of the water deficit that the Axarquía region is suffering and to talk about the sustainable management of water and the use of regenerated water.

During the workshop we introduced the research project RichWater funded by the European Commission which coordinates BIOAZUL that aims to achieve a successful first application and introduction to the market of a combined technology for reuse and wastewater treatment for agricultural purposes.

From here, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank the various partners for helping us to organize this event, especially to: Algarrobo Town Hall, Algarrobo Irrigation Community and the Mayora Subtropical and Mediterranean Hortifruticulture Institute.

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