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BIOAZUL S.L. is an engineering company focusing on wastewater treatment and water reuse concepts. BIOAZUL provides innovative technical and business solutions in the environmental, energy engineering and water fields by taking advantage of know-how and techniques acquired through extensive experience in a variety of industrial sectors and his highly qualified staff (1 engineer, 2 biologists and 2 chemists) with extensive experience in the treatment of specific wastewater and reuse processes (e.g. municipal, olive oil or paper industry, wineries)

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located in Bremerhaven (Germany), was founded in 1996 and has 8 employees at the present. Among them 4 electric engineers (Dipl.) and 2 technicians, which all have professional experience in research, industry as well as development for several years. Isitec has several years of experience in the development and manufacture of complete scientific-technical systems to facilitate and enable research projects where technical and sensorial devices are needed.

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SMS has been in the irrigation management business in the UK and overseas (East Africa, Spain and Portugal and recently Pakistan, South Africa and a few others). Originally the business was a one-man business with an office person but now there are 4 with more to join in 2011. Under the SMS banner they will be working with a number of colleagues overseas, which will give a large team of multi-skilled people with a large range of languages and the ability to focus on a project at the correct time.

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VEREIN ZUR FOERDERUNG DES TECHNOLOGIETRANSFERS AN DER HOCHSCHULE BREMERHAVEN E.V. (TTZ):TTZ was established in 1987 and operates in the field of technology transfer and applied R&D through six business-orientated institutes; Environmental Institute, Institute of Food Technology and Bio-process Engineering, Institute of Health Technology, Institute of Organisation and Software, Institute of Bioinformatics and the Institute of Energy and Process Engineering.

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The Institute for Mediterranean and Subtropical Horticulture "La Mayora" (IHSM-La Mayora) was created in 2010 as a synergy between consolidated research groups from the experimental station "La Mayora" of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones científicas (CSIC) and from the University of Málaga.

The main objective of the Institute is to join efforts to promote the research and the innovation in subtropical fruits trees and Mediterranean horticulture, as well as help to strengthen the productivity of the sector in the region through the transfer of knowledge and the training of technicians and specialists.

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Pessl Instruments GmbH, located in Weiz, Austria has been producing reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for more than 25 years. At the moment 14 employees are developing and manufacturing day after day high quality products and they are organizing marketing and sales. Pessl is doing business in more than 70 countries and Pessl shares has sale representatives in Latin America, South Africa, Spain, Italy, and France.

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