Innovative technology for wastewater reclamation in agriculture

Cost-effective and environmentally sound solution

Wastewater treatment

Circular economy

water recycling

Integrated Water Resources Management

wastewater treatment

Sustainable development


Closing the loop of water and nutrients

RichWater provides a constant source of water and nutrients to cope with water scarcity in arid regions.

A few things about Richwater...


The membrane bioreactor provides a high quality, nutrient rich effluent

Automated system with sensors for constant monitoring

An exhaustive agronomic study will verify safety and quality of fruits and vegetables

RichWater solution is based on a new groundbreaking technology combining low-cost and energy efficient MBR treatment, a module for mixing the optimal combination of clear and reclaimed water, and an advanced monitoring /control module including soil sensors to guarantee demand-driven and pathogen-free fertigation. RichWater approach is a highly promising method which permits to save freshwater and fertilizers in agriculture. WWTPOs will have the possibility to offer a new product (nutrient- rich/pathogen-free irrigation water) to potential customers. Farmers will have access to a guaranteed and constant source of irrigation water, which is a huge benefit in arid regions.

Recovery rate of treated water: 100%
Escherichia Coli removal: 100%
Recovery rate of Nitrogen: 80%
Recovery rate of phosphorus: 68%
Costs savings: 20%
Potential turnover increase: 20%


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