AQUATRACK® monitoring in the RichWater project

AQUATRACK® monitoring in the RichWater project

Within the framework of RichWater, the Swedish company Aqua-Q showed some time ago its desire to work in the plant owned by Bioazul in the town of Malaga, with the aim of implementing and testing their product AQUATRACK® and strengthen its future inclusion in the commercial market.

AQUATRACK® is a semiautomatic sensitive optical online water quality monitoring and sampling system for biological and chemical analyse. The system automatically reacts to higher level of contamination coming out of an MBR process in real time and alarms the operator for the deviation on water quality that can be harmful for water reuse.

As a result of this interest, a collaboration arose between both companies that has allowed Aqua-Q to have been working for months at the Bioazul plant taking samples of the water. According to the data presented in the Aqua-Q report, the effluent variations show a rather water performance. However, the results of the analysis will confirm the viability of the contaminants and the actions to be taken to create a profile of uncontaminated water for bacteria, parasites and pharmaceutical waste. This task can be done during the next months with other steps of process optimization.

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